Our cellar is located inside the “Parc Natural del Montsant”, at only 2 kilometres form Scala Dei, at the vineyard “Les Salanques”. Taking advantage of the remains from an old rural building we built what was our little cellar during the firsts years of production. In 2012 it took place the first phase of enlargement, getting a wider processing room and a resting room for the wines which need a long time in bottle.

At present we have a capacity of entering 50.000kg of grape every year and 60 oak barrels.


At the present we have 8Ha aprox. of vineyards, all of them in Poboleda, but in 3 different zones:

In the North we find “El Coll del Beix”. 12,000 plants, the most of them Red Gernache and Carignan, and the rest of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, in the way to la Morera del Montsant. This vineyard was planted in 2004 and it is between 300 and 330 meters above the sea. In the Est of the village we find the vineyard called “Matxerris”. This one, which we planted of Red Gernache and Merlot in 2005, is the higher one, located between 550 and 580 meters. And at last “Les Salanques” where we can find Red Gernache, White Gernache and Syarh, and it is between 330 and 360 meters high.

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